Valencia's body of work modifies and adapts with the materials at hand, the function needed and the mood that the creation needs to set. Simplicity and function are the primary objectives.

Valencia works with reclaimed wood, found objects, felled trees, locally milled slabs, metal, and a large dose of imagination. He is inspired to maintain the materials historical essence and creatively bring function to spaces forgotten.

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Geometric pattern
Fire Island Dining Table
Fire Island Dining Table
Fire Island Dining Table
Fire Island Dining Table
Loft side table
Loft side table side
Loft side table close up
Joist Bed
Myboo Coffee Table
Myboo Coffee Table
Dining table and wrap around bench
Dining Table
Long bench
DNA stool
DNA Stool
Bottle rack
Coffee Table
Coffee Table
Coffee Table Base
Rosenberg Dining Table
SB Stool
Side table
Reclaimed bench
Pallet wall and furniture
Pallet wall
Stair Railing
rail elevation
railing detail
Valencia Side table
Side table
Cantalever Table
Cantalever Table
Host desk
Ash Stems
stool top
maple redwood
coffee table
Wild project bench
slab bench
slab bench
cutting board
Reclaimed wood wall
Music venue benches
coffee table
coffee table
Wild Project Bar
Dada Bar
maple shelf unit

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Block tiling Wood weaving Reclaimed heart pine Coffee table