"We are all going to buy Vans and follow Victoria" I heard this the other day and it me feel so loved. 


My lease is up this year and I've decided to not renew. Instead I'm leaving NYC to travel and see where the road goes. I bought a Van and I've named her Sabine.


She's pretty cool and it will only get better. I started by ripping everything out including a wonky back leather bed, some beige blinds and a tv/vcr setup. Ive got a few days left of demo and then comes planning, insulating, electrics, building a bed, and installing solar.


Leaving New York City the first week of August.


My road will be directed by projects. I'm excited to build wherever I can, to learn, jump on teams, build outside,  see some friends, and explore.


I'm liquidating my studio this month to fund living on the road and building out my dream camper ride.

Here is a list to a few things for sale more available that I haven't gone through yet tho. Will be setting up open houses in the next month. If the timing doesn't work and you want to come by just let me know and we can schedule.

Pictures of things for sale 



moving from one town to another to gain experience of different workshops, was an important part of the training


I'm making a map for my journey. Please add to the magic here. 

Thanks! See you on the road.