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Originating from a rural town in California, Victor Valencia upholds a respect for materials in their natural state while introducing the urban clean metal as a contrast and compliment. The resulting work retains the aesthetic often imperfect intentions of Valencia's varied sourced material but demonstrates a finished elegance that can only be born out of the mastery he has cultivated of the craft.

Largely self-taught, his organic passion for the arts and the creative process has been a life long journey. After working in remodeling, and then as a head carpenter in set design, Valencia's dexterity and need for challenge led him to assert his creative voice through designing and fabricating custom furniture. Valencia works with clients individually and creates unique pieces that fuse function through the lens of his aesthetic inspirations, resulting in a tangible, livable urban elegance. Valencia has always been unconventional in his thinking; his passion for solving spacial conundrums means he relishes challenges that push him to think outside the box, often coming up with enlightened ideas for disused or forgotten spaces. His views work fundamentally as a collaboration between the client, the space, the materials and the external environment.

photo credit: Eitan Cohen

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